Michelle Hawthorne

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I am in LOVE with the journey! Senior Photography is my sunshine. The milestones that follow are my heartbeat. 

Our Packages

 Investment begins at $300

Creating an unforgettable senior year is my 100% goal! It only happens once in your lifetime, and should be the most memorable year of high school. It marks our transition into adulthood and is filled with memories we have created with our friends from elementary school to our graduation day. 
My Senior Experience is a package combining a fall session, spring session and mini event of your choice, to truly document your entire senior year!

The Senior Experience

Investment begins at $1800

All of our wedding packages include a complimentary engagement session. I think this is the prime opportunity to spend quality time together before the wedding day. Packages are completely customizable - I like to curate photography based on each Bride's personal photography budget. I also like to be accommodating in every way I have an opportunity, and make photography as stress-free as possible, which is why I also offer an installment plan for every package. Speaking of stress-free... as part of your package, I will also create a photography timeline just for your wedding day! Let me help you start planning your unforgettable day, today!

Engagement & Weddings

Investment begins at $150

Milestones make me happy!! I offer a wide variety of portrait sessions and events throughout the year. Some of these will include newborn, milestone birthdays, and updated family portraits. Mini events are held for seasonal promotions such as Easter or Christmas, which have special rates announced during those promotions. And new to 2019 will be PETITE MEETS!! Stay tuned for more information about these fun, quick sessions!


We can't wait to learn more about your wedding or event!

My favorite client comment is, "your art is displayed throughout our home." The thing is, it wasn't me that made it "art", it was the people in the photographs, and the memories that were made, that make it art. I was just the vessel used to create it and deliver it. 
Where are your memories? How are they displayed? I love creating memories for my clients, so they can turn them into art. Let's create your art today!

Michelle Hawthorne